Chemical & Petrochemical
# Project Name Owner Description
1 Piping System Modification PT Redeco Petrolin Utama Piping System modification of Tank 206, 207, 208 including Dismantling and Reinstallation.
2 Warehouse and Housing Construction PT Polychem Lindo Construction of Plant Warehouse including the housing complex, Design, Fabrication & Erection, Electrical System. 
3 Storage Tank 815 KL, Stainless Steel SUS 304 PT Polychem Lindo Supply, Design, Tank Fabrication, Piping System, Pump Supply Fire Hydrant, Budn Wall  Ducting, Asphalt Layer, Electrical Works. 
4 General Purpose Polystyrene Plant Extension PT Polychem Lindo Construction for the Plant Extension incl. Foundation and Structural Steel, Equipment, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical installation and Water Treatment Plant. 
5 Site development, Civil, M&E PT Multisida Agrolindo Utama Site development, cut & fill, road drainage, architectural, M&E, sub-structure, upper-structure, Testing & Commissioning. 
6 Mechanical, Electrical, Piping works PT Multisida Agrolindo Mechanical (Erection & Equipment), Electrical and Piping works. 
7 Caustic Soda Plant PT Indochlor Prakarsa Industries Caustic Soda Plant Construction, site preparation, civil works and building construction, mechanical & elecrical installation, water treatment plant. 
8 Material Supply PT Multisida Agrolindo Material sipply for : Skid Tank, Boiler Feed Water, Chimney, Pipe Hydrant, Concrete Foundation for Water Tank, Condensate Pipe & Condensate Pump, Insulation Equipment, Hydrant Pump c/w accessories. 
9 Material Supply PT Multisida Agrolindo Material supply for : Pipe Carbon Steel material, Stainless Steel SUS 316L, Mild Steel Valve, Material pipe accessories, Laboratory, Fire Extinguisher, Methanol Tanks.
10 Artesis Deep Well PT Polychem Lindo Boring and installation of one unit Artesis Deep Well