Chemical & Petrochemical
# Project Name Owner Description
11 Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Works PT Multisida Agrolindo Additional work for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. 
12 Latex Plant Construction PT Arya Perca Preliminary works and construction of Latex Plant consist of receiving tank for latex, engine room/workshop/warehouse, wieghbridge, effluent treatment plant. 
13 Ethylene Tank PT Indoterminal Installation of foundation for 5,000 metric ton Ethylene Plant. 
14 EO/EG Plant PT Yasa Ganesha Pura Cut & Fill, Scrapping, Soil Test for the construction of EO/EG Chemical Plant. 
15 MSG/ASP Plant PT Cheil Samsung Astra Tanks & Vessels fabricaton and installation, total of 25 units MSG Plant (including pumps and piping). 
16 Chemical Plant PT Multikimia Intipelangi Chemical Plant construction of PT Multikimia Intipelangi, including Structure, Mechanical & Electrical works.
17 MSG/ASP Plant PT Cheil Samsung Astra Fabrication and installation of Agitator in Chemical Settling Tank. 
18 MSG/ASP Plant PT Cheil Samsung Astra   Installation of four (4) small tanks. 
19 Water Tank, Foundation PT Multikimia Intipelangi Ground Water Tank, Storage Foundations ST-04, Storage Tank ST-05  
20 MSG/ASP Plant PT Cheil Samsung Astra Piping Construction Work of Area "D" for ASP Plant