Infrastructure Construction

Various infrastructures had been constructed by SSP, such as Coal Mining and Terminal, Water and Waste Water Treatment Plant, Jetty, Road and Bridges and Shell’s Gas Filling Station.

The success of SSP to complete the construction of water treatment project with the capacity of processing 550 lt/sec in Banjarmasin and hazardous waste treatment projects of PT Waste Management Indonesia has shown SSP’s strength for such a unique type of construction.

In the Coal Mining and Terminal, SSP has successfully constructed coal terminals for Teluk Bayur Coal Handling Terminal in Sumatera, Coal Handling Terminal at Batu Kajang and Tanah Grogot as well as heavy duty road and bridge construction for PT Kideco Jaya Agung, East Kalimantan, coal mining infrastructure for PT Kimco Armindo-Kalimantan,coal handling facilities for Suralaya Power Plant unit 5, 6 & 7, Rehabilitation of TBCT rails foundation PT Kaltim Prima Coal, CPP Reclaim Tunnel Upgrade stage I PT Kaltim Prima Coal, Trubaindo Coal Terminal, PT Kayan Putra Coal, etc.